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You want to offer VoIP services. You can do it yourself or white label another service. You are a VoIP provider but are looking for guidance to improve your marketing and sales. You offer other services that you would like to integrate VoIP communications into that package. Where do you look for guidance in any of these situations?

Eric Johnson, New Business Development at Bicom Systems and Gary Audin recorded this EDUcast which provides suggestions and recommendations for marketing and selling VoIP services. Eric starts by describing the VoIP market and its growth potential. He then goes on to discuss how you build VoIP service in five steps. Next, Eric discusses five steps in marketing your VoIP service. Finally he covers the five challenges of selling VoIP services. All of his comments and recommendations are covered in more detail in the book “How to Sell VoIP”

What you will learn in this EDUcast:
• How the VoIP Market is Growing
• Five Steps to BUILDING Your VoIP Service
• Five Steps to MARKETING Your VoIP Service
• Five Challenges to SELLING Your VoIP Service

Read the book, “How to Sell VoIP”

Bicom Systems has been researching and integrating innovative Open Source Telephony Projects to commercialize by unifying with its suite of Telecoms Management Software. Bicom Systems launched its PBXware software in 2004 and became the first company to deliver an Open Standards Turnkey Telephony System. The concept of “Professional Open Standards Telephony” was born.

By unifying the best of open standards telephony and its own proprietary software, Bicom Systems provides SMBs, Enterprises, and Governments worldwide with turnkey solutions that respond to clients’ exact needs within a very cost-effective framework.

This mix takes the best of royalty-free software, vibrant open source communities, available custom development backed up by accountable, professional support services brought together with commercially coded management tools.