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There are more than 7 billion mobile devices in use around the globe – with Diebold Nixdorf Managed Mobility Services, you can ensure 24/7 access to business-critical information, and turn data into valuable business insights … all without depleting a significant part of your IT budget.

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There are approximately 7.19 billion active mobile devices being used by people globally. It means your business and your employees are becoming increasingly mobile and produce a large amount of valuable data which can be turned into actionable information.

This creates incredible growth in your company. However, this velocity challenges your mobile IT infrastructure. The digital visualization of your mobile assets tells you exactly what is happening out there and opens a door to the internet of things.
Ultimately your IT department is required to guarantee that all your mobile users can securely access business critical information 24-7. All assets including apps and devices need to be in sight and in use so you enabled to turn data into valuable business information.
How can you deal with this pressing issue without depleting a significant part of your IT budget? With managed mobility you can take full advantage of the value of mobility while minimizing the complexity of managing IT and keeping your operational costs down.

Leading companies have already trusted us by letting us securely manage their mobile workspaces and be their trusted partner in innovation. We manage, monitor and provide support as well as empower you with the essential analytics of your prime processes. We make sure you have an easy start on your way to being in control of mobility by providing precisely tailored managed mobility solutions for your business.

Enjoy your freedom to accelerate.