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Click the link below to download Venture Valley and test your entrepreneur skills:

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About Venture Valley
Venture Valley is a free single & multiplayer mobile and PC business-building game where players learn to be entrepreneurs and are able to pit their business savvy against one another. Players learn real business skills and experience the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur as they build up their businesses and fight off the competition.

Players start Venture Valley with a simple dog-walking business. As they progress, they can either reinvest their profits and continue to grow the business, or choose to expand their empire by acquiring or building other successful businesses, such as mini-golf, a pizza parlor, a drone delivery service, a robot factory, and more.

Through play, players develop an understanding of basic business skills as they apply the business concepts they’ve learned to see how their choices affect their businesses. Players learn about cause and effect on such things as pricing, wages, advertising, research and development, operational maintenance, and product quality decisions. In addition, they learn about both the cost and benefit of taking out business loans.

In Venture Valley, players encounter many types of opportunities and adverse situations in the form of “Boost” and “Adversity” event cards, which can alter their businesses through things like audits, labor strikes, and/or celebrity endorsements. In multiplayer mode, players can slam down event cards that will leave opponents scrambling to deal with their muddling effects – or use the cards to bolster their own enterprises. Intensity is high in match-based competitions as players need to make quick strategic and tactical decisions to achieve match goals, while multitasking between several businesses and reacting to events from “Boost” or “Adversity” cards. Players grow their business and revenues to unlock more sophisticated businesses with the goal of becoming the winner by making the most profit and topping the leaderboards.

Gameplay Features

● 4 Game Maps
○ Fortune Springs
○ Mapleburgs
○ Brickyard
○ The Palms

● Progressive StartUp Building – All players start with a simple dog-walking business and through smart decisions and business savvy they can unlock new potential businesses throughout each level.

● 2 GamePlay Modes:
○ Solo Mode – Players can complete business-building challenges, fighting off business adversity along the way, ending at the ultimate business battle at the end of each level. Win the final challenge and gain a shiny new HQ.

○ Multiplayer Mode – Play in online multiplayer mode, pitting your business savvy against friends or other real-life budding entrepreneurs.

● Business Acumen – Players can immediately see the impact of their choices as they learn how to price products, offer compelling services, maintain happy customers, and pay their employees. Played right, players can unlock new potential businesses and levels while fighting off the competition.

● Esports Capability – Players can challenge other entrepreneurs in solo or team competitions. Venture Valley brings the full esports experience.