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With a partnership spanning 7 years, RingCentral’s partnership with NICE goes further than just selling their product.

Hear Bob Lenarcik, Sr. CX Partner Development Solutions Engineer at #RingCentral, cover what the relationship between these two Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders entails.


We’ve been partnered with them for seven years now, when we recently about a year ago, we extended a partnership for another seven or eight years, I believe, and it’s also deepened the relationship so we basically now have the ability to sell anything that they provide so whether you go to RingCentral or you go to #NICE CXone, it’s the same solution underneath, obviously it’s branded RingCentral, but it’s much more than that in terms of the partnership and one of the reasons why we partner with them is because they’ve been a magic quadrant leader, both in the contact center space, as well as in the workforce management or WEM space, which is what it’s now being called. And RingCentral are UCAS platform has been a magic quadrant leader as well for quite a few years so if you combine the best of all three platforms, it provides the most capable solution that I think is in the market for your customers.

So a couple more things about our relationship, we provide support so it’s not like we just basically sell the NICE CXone platform, and then if there’s any need to go back after the sale to get support or anything done, we point you to NICE #CXone. We actually handled the tier one through tier three support so we will help partners like yourselves to make sure that we’re taking care of the customers so we basically handle everything from pre-sale support, all the way through implementation services through post-sale, it includes support and anything, if a customer’s needs change and they need to look at other components of the platform that they didn’t get initially will help make sure that we provide them the demos and all the other information they need to be able to continue working with the platform as their needs change.

It’s really a very deep relationship when it comes to making sure that our people are as capable all the way for the entire lifecycle of the customer. Another area where we’ve integrated our platforms together is, we’ve got a very extensive voice network that’s global, we’ve actually integrated our voice network with their voice platform so when the call comes in, the numbers ported to RingCentral, and then we route the number over a dedicated 10 gig Fiber connection, we have redundant 10 gig Fiber connections across multiple data senators globally. We’ve got two in the US, two in Canada, two in Europe, two in the UK, three in AsiaPac.

The idea is that we have redundant capability and plenty of capability from a bandwidth perspective, to send those calls on that from our network over to the NICE in contact so they handle the IVR, the agent selection, and then queuing for those calls and then when the agent needs to take that call, it’s routed again, back on net so there is no usage charges. In addition to the advantages going center for the UCAS platform from a telecom savings, that’s extended through the UC and the CC platform integration we have.