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In this Firebase Summit 2022 Keynote, we’ll unveil the latest product updates and show you demos of how our platform works smoothly with the ecosystem of developer tools so you can accelerate app development, run your app with confidence, and scale your business.

0:00 – Start of livestream
1:16 – Welcome to the Firebase Summit!
3:30 – Our mission and focus for this year
7:06 – Faster web deployment with Firebase Hosting
9:21: Demo: Firebase Hosting – Deploying dynamic web apps with Next.js
14:44 – 3 New Cloud Firestore features
15:30 – Demo: COUNT() queries for Firestore
17:16: – Cloud Firestore – Scalable BaaS
18:13 – Cloud Firestore – Time to Live policies
19:15 – 4 new Firebase Authentication features with Identity Platform
21:15 – Demo: Build a blocking function that will restrict sign ups to the Firebase team
23:46 – Cross Service Rules, Cloud Storage for Firebase
24:11 – Demo: Cross Service Rules
25:07 – Emulator Suite
26:19 – Firebase Extensions
27:47 -Demo: New Extensions Marketplace
30:30 – Firebase Test Lab support in Gradle Managed Devices
32:36 – Firebase Crashlytics insights in Android Studio
35:45 Firebase Crashlytics support for Flutter apps built with ‘Split-debug-info’
37:27 – Firebase Remote Config personalization
37:29 – Demo: Remote Config personalization
42:17 – Wrap-up and closing

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Next.js & Angular support →
Count Queries for Firestore→
Time to Live policies in Firestore →
Scalable Baas in Firestore →
Firebase Authentication with Identity platform →
Cross Service Rules, Cloud Storage for Firebase →
Firebase Extensions →
Firebase Test Lab support in Gradle Managed Devices →
New Crashlytics Insights in Android Studio →
Latest version of Android Studio →
Remote Config personalization →

Speakers: Francis Ma, Kara Yu, Sonakshi Watel, Tyler Crowe, Ibrahim Ulukaya, David East, Steve Wilber

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